Referrals & Testimonials

C.M., August, 2016

Almost every item on your list of services in your practice I came to you with, embarrassed, and a wreck, and you made me feel so safe and comfortable practically immediately. I’m still working on things. I have still have anger, feel loss, and struggle, but you’ve given me hope, reason, and have showed me that things are only as bad as we make them. I have the power to change things, to change me, to elicit changes in others, and to be happier. Can you please share this letter on your website. I want others to know that once they see you, they’re in good hands, and there’s nothing you can’t help work out. At least for me. Sure, there are things I can’t change, but I can change me so the outcome is better. I highly recommend Lauren Millman to help you. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Lauren. See you next week. :)

T.W. July, 2016

When I started seeing Lauren in November of 2015, I was a mess. I had just had my 4th miscarriage, and I was really unrevealing. I was yelling at my kids, arguing with my husband, I was incredibly disorganized and couldn’t find any motivation to tidy, clean, organize or even work. She very quickly helped me to put things into perspective and walked me through every issue I had, using simple steps to get me back on track. Each week we tackled each problem and hurdle until I was able to handle it and manage things myself, and then we’d tackle the next issue. Some months never changed from the same topic, and Lauren was patient each and every time I saw her. Some issues kept creeping up and recurring, and she kept at it, week after week, until we both felt I was able to manage myself. She also helped me learn how to talk to kids so they’d listen, and she taught me how not to get angry at them. I cried a lot, and she was always understanding. She was tough with me too when I needed i. I appreciated that. Her common sense approach makes things so easy. I’m getting my life back slowly. I had lots on my plate. I’m in maintenance mode now. Lauren, you are a godsend. To anyone who has Relationship, Loss, or Parenting issues, there is no one other than Lauren. Her expertise is exceptional. she is exceptional.

J.L. June, 2016

Lauren, thank you for your help with my recent divorce issues surrounding myself, my kids, and my soon to be ex-wife. Before I saw you I had seen several Medical Professionals including 2 shrinks and 2 psychologists. When I sat in your office that first time, it was hard for me to concentrate. All I was thinking was how much time I had wasted waiting for these other appointments, and then only to be disappointed at the lack of action and caring these people didn’t take in my or my situation. Many friends had referred you, but I wanted to see someone in the medical community. Plus, I was covered. My particular insurance company didn’t cover your services. I was stupid. I’ve learnt now that none of that means anything. You had more common sense and every aspect of the psychology part of things we discussed made more sense to me coming from you than from them. You know your stuff! My happiness is more important than if I’m “covered”. You helped me find my happiness. As a man, never thought I’d need this, or be here. You helped tremendously. Highly recommend you Lauren. Thanks for everything.

M.R. May, 2016

I never thought I’d ever end up in counselling. I’m a young guy, 26, and have it all. I mean ALL. Without getting into too much detail, I figured I’d end up having to see you a few times before I was able to work out the relationship issues I had, but you were amazing. After our hour, I felt so relieved and left feeling much clearer about things. I can’t believe you helped in one hour. Thanks Lauren

R.P. June, 2015

Dear Lauren. May I start with, I can’t believe how much you’ve changed my life in just 8 weeks. I was so scared to get help, and the first day I came in to see you I was a wreck and a bundle of nerves, but you made me immediately feel at ease and calm. My marriage was failing, I was unhappy, my kids were unhappy, and I was flying off the handle all the time. I had anger issues I wasn’t prepared to admit to, and an ego bigger than I’d like to admit to. Because of you, the skills and techniques you gave me, and the room you gave me to vent and express myself, I’ve been able to start working on the things I want to change about myself and in my relationship with my wife. My wife and I now have better communication, and I’m able to listen and validate her. Our sexual relationship has also improved. I can’t thank you enough. It’s a relief to have found you, and I will continue seeing you until I feel I can do this on my own. I’m a business professional, and high income earner, and we’re not supposed to need help. I need help, and I recommend anyone out there who is in this, or a similar situation, to see Lauren. She is a godsend.

B. April, 2015

I came to see Lauren recently for some advice on how to handle my son who has ADHD. In the very short tie I have seen her, I have noticed many great changes in my son, based on the coaching and counselling I received from Lauren. Lauren, you are a very caring, warm, and compassionate person. I am so thrilled to have met you. You have had a very positive effect on my life and on my families’ life, and I want to thank you so much.

C.L. March, 2015

Lauren, we truly appreciate all the effort and time you have given us in trying to help us with our relationship, and helping us to decide whether or not we want to stay together. In the 4 months we have been seeing you, and with all the homework and techniques you have shared, you’ve helped us figure out who we are, who we’ve become, who we want to be, and what we want in our lives. As you know, we decided to separate, but we wanted you to know that out of all of the therapists we saw over the years, you were the one we liked the most, who understood us the most, and who offered us the most help, care, and understanding. Our situation was very difficult, and you never judged, pushed, or had an agenda. You left it all to us and simply helped us out along the way. Thank you for your amazing support. You are very good at what you do, and I am going to recommend you to anyone I know in our position.Yours very truly,

S.L. February, 2015

Lauren, thank you for helping me with my kids. As a mother of 2, I had no idea how so overwhelming life could become, and how I was at the centre of keeping it all under control. Parenting comes with no handbook, and in having to ask for help for something I felt should come naturally was a ridiculous notion to me and my husband. But we realized after seeing you for a while, that we weren’t parenting our best; we were too reactive, we didn’t pick our battles, and we were helicoptering too much. We weren’t giving our kids enough of a voice and as you say, empowering them to become independent little people who will grow into independent big people. We also realized our marriage and the relationship we had to and with each other wasn’t what we wanted. You are amazing, and we know we have a long road ahead of us, but we want to get this right, so thank you very much. I highly recommend you, and will recommend you to our friends. Sincerely

D.R., April, 2014

Lauren, thank you for seeing me when I felt like I was falling apart. From our first meeting, I felt safe and comfortable and I knew you could help. I wasn’t always reliable in keeping my appointments and had to cancel frequently, but for the 4 months I saw you, I went from a miserable mess to being in control and becoming a better person to myself and mother to my children. Thank you, always.

Amina P., November, 2013

Dear Lauren, I was so scared & reluctant to come see a coach or therapist. I was uncomfortable with the stigma attached to seeking help & I was very bothered that I felt like I had no where else to turn and I had to talk to a stranger. It made me feel very inferior and out of control. At 39, I thought I could handle it, but I was overwhelmed. I just wanted to thank you for being you and being very understanding and welcoming. It took a while, but you were able to get me through it, and for that I am so grateful. All the best to you and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a gem. I’m so grateful.

Rachel R., September, 2013

Lauren, thank you for being candid and honest with me about my feelings and my situation. My road was long and full of so many issues and challenges but you tackled each one with being genuine and frank, even when I did NOT want to hear the truth. Thank you for your help and support, and making me a better person to myself and my future. I am always going to remember you and think of you often. I have told my friends and colleagues about you and recommend Lauren Millman Coaching to ANYONE with any issue!

Claire B., June, 2013

Lauren, who knew tele-coaching could be so successful. As you well know, men don’t ask for help very often for fear we’ll loose our masculinity and control but quite honestly, this experience has given me MORE confidence as a man, and more control over my emotions and goals than I ever thought, without loosing face. My girlfriend is happier and I am more successful at work. Thank you Lauren. I continue to look forward to our weekly sessions.