Relationships take work. All of them.

Communication and behaviour run the show, validation and acknowledgment make us feel connected, heard, and feel valued, and our emotions and experiences help shape how we interpret, perceive, shape our perspectives, and determine how we react, or respond. When our emotions aren’t heard, valued, or respected, we feel invalidated, disconnected, lonely, frustrated, disregarded, and often bullied, imposed-upon, and disrespected. Words matter. Mindset matters. How you see things matter, and we express ourselves to convey how we feel and what we want, matters.

In Private Practice since 2004, as a Wellness and Transformation Strategist, and Communication and Behaviour Specialist, I have helped many through difficult situations. With the use of the right words, affect, and timing, I teach my clients what, how, and when to be communicate, how to behave, and what to do next so that you stay in your power. Power is not Ego, bullying, or having the upper hand; it’s understanding and knowing who you are, what you stand for, what your mindset is, and setting reasonable goals for yourself and your situation, currently, and in the future. This, is staying your power. In every situation,  you always have two choices; to react or to respond. We forget this, as our natural go-to is to react and be on defence.

Instead, being strategic and responding, thinking, being thoughtful and goal-oriented about how you communicate will keep you in your power, and will bring you a happier self and happier life. Our core essence is to be connected, heard, acknowledged, understood, and accepted. Staying in your power allows you to live here, in true wellness, knowing your value and worth, and being able to articulate your needs and wants clearly and effectively, with confidence and a positive, unwavering mindset.

The answers we look for are here, in understanding ourselves and how to communicate and behave. Answers and understanding are unique to each of us, and shaped by our individual and unique experiences, perceptions, and associations.

NEW to my practice are two very valuable services that help offer answers, meaning, and understanding. Tarot Interpretation and Dream Analysis are based in Jungian thought. The infamous Psychologist Carl Jung established hat our life experiences are based on our experiences, and those experiences have different meanings to each of us. Tarot and dream imagery can further help you understand your life and what you may be experiencing or going through. This service is a separate service and is booked and priced separately.

Communication is the basis of everything

Since 2004, Lauren Millman Wellness and Strategic Transformation has been providing help and support to hundreds of women and men in the areas of…

  • Marriage Counselling, Separation, Divorce
  • Parenting, Co-Parenting
  • Behavior and Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mental & Emotional Wellness
  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic
  • Depression, Post-Partum Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • Grief, Loss
  • Tarot Meaning and Interpretation
  • Dream Interpretation and Analysis

You’ve Come To The Right place. Are You Ready?


  • Lauren Millman, B.A., PCCF, CCP, OAFM
  • Professional Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Member, Ontario Association for Family Mediation
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Regular TV Guest Host Rogers Daytime- In The Know, AM640 The Dating and Relationship Show
  • Regular Radio Guest Host- The Mediation Station, SiriusXM Canada
  • Writer, Contributor- Brazenwomen, SiruisXMCanada, Canada,  The Toronto Star, PinkandBlue North America
  • Monthly Expert Contributor, The Globe and Mail-Smart Living, The Toronto Star Feature – March 2016,
  • Recipient, International Women In Leadership Association Award,  ‘2014 Woman of Outstanding Leadership’




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