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Lauren Millman Wellness and Strategic Transformation takes a holistic approach to supporting and helping you through whatever life’s challenges  you may be experiencing.

Communication, behaviour, validation and acknowledgment make us feel connected, heard, and valued, while our emotions and experiences help shape how we interpret things. Specifically, how we form our ideas perceptions and perspectives, and determine how and if we choose to react or respond. When we don’t feel heard, valued, or respected, we feel invalidated, disconnected, lonely, frustrated, disregarded, and often bullied, imposed-upon, and disrespected.

Words matter. Mindset matters. How we interpret and see things, matter, and how we express ourselves to convey how we feel and what we want, matters. Our words have meaning. And how we manage those circumstances in life that seem to ‘happen’ to us, also helps shape us. Thankfully, what happens to us, is manageable with the right supports.

As a well-known and highly sought-after Wellness and Transformation Strategist, Communication and Behaviour Specialist, and Mental Health Practitioner, I continue to help hundreds of men and women from all walks of life, through difficult situations using highly effective and easy to understand Cognitive Behaviour Therapy applications (CBT) and Psychoanalytic Strategies.

Being strategic and goal-oriented about how you communicate will keep you grounded and clear-thinking, will help you to have full control over your situation, circumstances, triggers, moods, and your emotions, and will help you stay in your power, and bring you closer towards a happier self, and happier life. This applies to every aspect of your life, whether it’s your marriage, parenting, or your mental and emotional status. Staying in your power allows you to live here, in true wellness, knowing your value and worth, and being able to articulate your needs and wants clearly and effectively, with confidence and a positive, unwavering mindset.

Understanding your circumstances, what triggers you, or them, and the behaviours of others, together determine how you choose to manage your situation, and how you will come to choose what changes are necessary to effect the changes you need. This is where I come in.

Communication, behaviour, understanding your circumstance or situation, and learning easy and effective skills, strategies and techniques are the gateways to happier living, keeping the noise out, staying in your power, and living the life you want and deserve.

The answers we look for are here, in understanding ourselves, and how to communicate and behave. The answers, you’re looking for, and the life you want and need to create for yourself are embedded in self-knowledge, understanding who you are, knowing your negotiables and non-negotiables, understanding the behaviours of others, and knowing how to behave and communicate effectively. They are unique to each of us, and everyone, including you, if you’re ready, can live happier. A better life is manageable and attainable.

Once you know how to manage therapeutically, communicate properly, know what to say and when to say it with the right tones and affect, you will be ‘in your power’ to get what you want or don’t want, to control those emotions that too often control us, and learn how to manage the issues and circumstances currently affecting you so that they no longer affect you in a negative way.

I am here.

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Over 15 years of experience…

In Private Practice since 2004, an active member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, and a Mental Health Practitioner and Appointed Ambassador by the Canadian Mental Health Association to the Bell Mental Health Campaign, Lauren Millman has helped hundreds men and women worldwide. Lauren’s practice is experienced in and very successful in helping you in the areas of:

  • Marriage Counselling, Separation, Divorce
  • Parenting, Co-Parenting
  • Behavior and Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mental & Emotional Wellness
  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic
  • Depression, Post-Partum Depression
  • Communicating With Your Ex
  • Grief, Loss
  • Points of You Breakthrough Seminars…Coming August, 2019

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  • Lauren Millman, B.A., PCCF, CCP, OAFM
  • Professional Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Member, Ontario Association for Family Mediation
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Regular TV Guest Host Rogers Daytime- In The Know, AM640 The Dating and Relationship Show
  • Regular Radio Guest Host- The Mediation Station, SiriusXM Canada
  • Writer, Contributor- Brazenwomen, SiruisXMCanada, Canada,  The Toronto Star, PinkandBlue North America
  • Monthly Expert Contributor, The Globe and Mail-Smart Living, The Toronto Star Feature – March 2016,
  • Recipient, International Women In Leadership Association Award,  ‘2014 Woman of Outstanding Leadership’




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