C.T.F.D. Calm The **** Down. This Says It All. It’s Communication And Parenting At It’s Best.
December 22, 2016
Resolutions Don’t Work. Doing This Instead Will Take You To What You Want To Achieve
January 11, 2017

This is your car. It’s free, just for you. All you need is your will, your want. Seat belts required. 

You can get in anytime. It’s your ride.

The pedals are all there. You know how to use them.

The speed, and how fast you get there, is up to to you.

The brakes are your boundaries.

The steering wheel is right in front of you.

Your direction is 360 degrees. Left, right, straight, forward, back ward, down, and up.

It has two doors. One is for you, one is for your passengers of your own choosing. You can ask them to get out anytime. Your passengers won’t influence you either. This cars’ emissions overpower your ego’s insensibility to be influenced by others and outside noise.

There’s also a trunk. A small trunk. It’s not for baggage. It’s for courage, inspiration, and hope. Load it with that. You don;t need much, because you already have a lot.

Envision you in this car. You can drive it anywhere. You’re in control. Only you. Once you get in, you will then be on your way to true Freedom. How? Because once in this car, you will no longer care about what others think about you. It will no longer have any bearing, influence, or weight.

Now get in. The only person who needs to really care about you, who you are, and what you stand for, is you. Live like you love you, and don’t be so worried about what others think. You no longer care, because it’s your life. No noise. No toxic. No non-negotiables.

I’m your tow, if you need one. ???? Appointments are available. You deserve to live happy. Let’s go get it.


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