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May 26, 2015
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emotional roller coaster waves upset

emotional roller coaster waves upset
Why you must do this exercise.

You have an issue, an upset, a frustration, or a problem, you either can’t bring yourself to admit, and therefore can’t and aren’t dealing with it, or you just can’t find solutions for.

Here’s where you can begin. The brain is a fantastic tool, and when we write things down, they not only remain quiet in our heads, somewhat saving us from actually having to deal with them, but the action of writing is cathartic, and allows for the emotional brain to be relieved of the burden.

Once written, you’re able to see more clearly what you’re dealing with, and perhaps better able to see things for what they are. At the very least, you’ve gotten your thoughts and feeling “out”, and the brain, tricked by this, makes you think it has somewhat been resolved, and perhaps a less sleepless night or less anxious moment can now be in your future.

Here’s more neuroscience about writing…it also increases your productivity, by 50%. Not only might you be closer to seeing or finding answers or solutions, but “getting it off your chest” will free your mind up of stresses, and you may be able to think better and be more productive in your daily goings on.


*Write down your thoughts and feelings.
*You are not allowed to be judgemental of yourself. This is a brain dump. Just feel and write, without thinking too much. The objective is to approach it as if you’re venting with a friend, or someone you trust. Get it off your chest. All of it. Not only is this cathartic, but it will help you see your true reality, instead of keeping it silent and hidden in your thoughts.

  • Find a quiet place, and spend a couple of minutes clearing your mind, relaxing, stretching, and bring yourself into the present moment.
  • Decide what you are going to express about, and GO.
  • Feel the experience
  • When you’re done, relax and breathe. This could have been a very emotional exercise. Stop. Walk away. Leave it for now. You have cleansed your thoughts, and it’s time to further cleanse, and recuperate, and go do something for you. The idea being, to clear your head from this, and carry on.

Later, or tomorrow, come back to these entries, and read them to yourself if you feel you need to see the reality of the situation. By doing this, if it hasn’t already happened for you, you may realize that you’ve been able to reach some answers, have clarity, or even come to realize that things aren’t so bad, and you have a new perspective or mindset. Remember, you are what you think, and what you think, is not only shaped by your thoughts, but the words and language that string those thoughts together.

Seeing your thoughts and feelings on paper will enable you to find what you’re looking for, or at least help you realize what you have or don’t have, what you want, and what you don’t want. From there, you can build your list of personal negotiables and non-negotiables, and therein lies the beginning of your journey toward answers and solutions, and how you want to live. Authentically, truthfully, and for you and those around you who love, need, and rely on you.

Good Luck. If you need help after that, let me know.

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