lauren-imgWelcome, to Lauren Millman Wellness and Strategic Transformation.

Lauren Millman is Marriage and Family Counsellor, Mental Health Practitioner, Behaviour and Communication Specialist, and Wellness and Strategic Transformation Strategist. Lauren has been in Private Practice since 2004 helping hundreds of men and women world-wide, and has always had an avid interested in Behaviour, Communication, Anger Management, Family dynamics, Psychology, and Neurolinguistics-Placticity (NLP), since she was in her teens. Her University Degree includes Psychology and Sociology, and understanding human choice and behaviour.

Lauren has been studying behaviour all her life, and has become a highly sought-after, and world-known Marriage and Family Coach and Counsellor, Communication and Behaviour Specialist, Mental and Emotional Wellness Practitioner, and Transformation Strategist.

An avid writer, and featured in The Toronto Star, Lauren is an International Best Selling Author, and writes for many print and on-line publications such as SiriusXM Canada, The Village Post, and Brazenwoman. Lauren is a regularly featured Expert Contributor for The Globe and Mail -Smart Living, and frequently appears on Radio on AM640 The Dating and Relationship Show, SiriusXM -What She Said, The Mediation Station, and RogersTV. 

In 2014, Lauren was recognized and honoured by the International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA) for her contributions to Women in Family, Career, and Community, and still, to this day, Lauren is known for giving back into the community, pro-bono.

Aside from paid speaking engagements for corporations, women’s groups, and within Ontario’s High Schools, Lauren often speaks pro-bono.  Lauren sets aside time every year to offer her expertise in Wellness, Strategic Transformation, Behaviour and Communication, and Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness, including interviews and consulting for The Globe and Mail and CTV, and writes frequently on many social media platforms.

Lauren is married with 3 teenage children, 2 dogs (one is a rescue), and lives in Vaughan.