I am excited to announce that in late summer of this year, I will be bringing the world-acclaimed ‘Points of You’ (points of view) Breakthrough Life system to Canada, as Canada’s 3rd Certified Leader and Trainer.

‘Points of You’ is a system that uses imagery to help you breakthrough your current barriers to thinking, seeing, feeling, and being, and help you understand your world better, see things differently, and help you make the necessary changes in your life that you need at this moment in time.

This exceptional Breakthrough System is for anyone who feels stuck, wanting more, or who needs to work through what they feel may be holding them back from living fully and wholly. The Points of You model is based on helping you understand how you see what you see, why you think what you think, your individual and unique perceptions (your point of view/point of you), and that your experiences shape your reality.

Together, these two aspects of emotions and cognition help create your perceptions, perspectives, your mindsets, and how you see the world around you and how you act upon, and in, your world and your life. The core premise behind this system is that how you see things is unique and transient, meaning ever-changing, depending on space, time, emotion, cognition, wants, needs, and goals, and that with a little open-mindedness, how you see something can change if you allow yourself to see it from a different perspective, allowing the creation of more positive into your life, and omitting tor disregarding he negative.

Points of View is currently in use world-wide, from the United States, to India, Japan, China, England, Indonesia, Africa, and now, Canada. Top tier Corporations around the world have started implementing the Point of You Breakthrough System in their human resources departments for employee training and engagement, and to teach upper level Executives how to work better together.


…Please Stay Tuned for upcoming day-seminars.

…Coming summer, 2019