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Do you find your ‘Resolutions’ short-lived? Some of you do, and some of you will. ‘Resolutions’, as we know them, don’t work. Yes, it may sound contrary to what you’ve ever heard, and here’s why…

Typically, people go all-in too fast, and because they do, they don’t end up seeing the results they’d like.  Why? Because they haven’t given themselves reasonable expectations, and often, there’s often no plan. We either look in the mirror, have an epiphany of some kind, or ‘hit a wall’, and in mere sudden frustration, decide to make a ‘Resolution’.

It can end up being a spur-of-the-moment impulsive decision, despite clear and honest intention, only to lead you down a path of emotional destruction and a quick ‘I give up’, or ‘forget this.’ This disenchantment can lead to a further exacerbation of the very thing you’d like to change, offering up a defeatist attitude on a platter, and a dead end.


I never suggest to any of my clients to make Resolutions. Rather, I suggest to make commitments to small changes. Organized, reasonable, and calculated baby steps wins the day, and will allow you to see your goals come to fruition where you will actually start seeing results, and the fruits of your labour.

Write your goals down. Consider what you’re trying to accomplish and look at your lifestyle, family dynamic, and your daily schedule to see if the commitment and expectations you’re creating will work for you. You’ve got to plan, organize, and keep your expectations minimal, reasonable, doable, and attainable. Go slow, and go low. This is a great, safe place to start where disappointment will be minimal and results can be high. As you go along, and get into a rhythm and a groove, you can begin increasing your goals and efforts.

Experience is the mother of a lesson. Once you experience the experience of reaping the rewards of your efforts, within reasonable timelines and with reasonable expectations, you’ll start seeing those changes you called once called ‘Resolutions’. When you repackage, reframe, and rename the words we each use, and the meanings we attribute to them, words and meanings, you’re more likely to be successful in reaching your goals and wants.

Happy Goal Making, and a very Happy New Year to all!



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