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November 29, 2016
Don’t Think You’re Angry, Or Unhappy? Are You Noticing How You’re Responding To Others?
December 12, 2016

It’s all relative. When the dishwasher breaks, do you use it anyway, crossing your fingers hoping for the best? Do you look into the problem and try to solve it, and upon not being quite able to figure out what to do or how to repair it, do you call the repair guy? Most of us, myself included, give up quick, almost without any hesitation whatsoever, and call the repair man. Why don’t we attend to our selves and our emotional happiness in this manner.

In fact, when it comes to ourselves and the problems or issues we are either faced with, affronted by, or tackled from, our tendency is, to do absolutely nothing. Why do we place more importance on the imposition of the inability of us to use our dishwasher ahead of ourselves? We often tell ourselves that even though it may be expensive, we will certainly fork out whatever amount of money it takes to fix that dishwasher, or washer, or dryer, or fridge, but for some reason, when it comes to us, it’s suddenly a luxury we can’t “afford.”


If your dishwasher broke this morning, you’d be on the phone already with a serviceman, who’d come to your home to fix your dishwasher today. Say there was a little part missing or broken, and he said he could fix it. No matter the price, most of us would say go ahead. And after, he’d give you a bill for say, $186.50 service and parts included.

” Afford” is all relative. It’s solely dependent on what’s important to us, our needs, our goals, and what we don’t want to be without. We don’t want to be without our dishwashers. Shouldn’t we also want to not want the unhappiness, and solve or fix that?

Here’s where we get stuck; Unhappiness becomes comfortable. It becomes what we know. Dealing with things that are emotionally uncomfortable and painful, is emotionally painful and uncomfortable, so we accept it as what is, and live there.

Put bluntly, it’s easier to fix a dishwasher. There’s no emotionality to it. So it’s easy. The cost may be a thorn in our side, but we always end up happily handing over the money. The cost of living in unhappiness, however, is costlier, emotionally, isn’t it? At the end of the day, “‘affording” something, becomes more of a need and want, than an inability.

No one deserves unhappiness. It feels awful. I can help, if you’re ready to make the tweaks, and learn some new skills and techniques that not only work, but are very easy to implement, with a bit of practice, an open mind, and just a little bit of desire to be in a happier place.

All you need is 1 hour to start, and you’re on your way. You’re worth it. And you;re worth as much as your dishwasher, aren’t you?

Ready? I’m ready? Let’s go get your happy!!!


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