Life should be lived well. We all agree on that. Sometimes, often, life itself gets in the way of living well, and living happy. There are a myriad of reasons why we end up feeling unhappy, wanting more, or needing less of something. We need to be connected, validated, acknowledged. When that doesn’t happen, life becomes stressful, difficult, and often empty; relationships take a downward turn, children challenge our patience, work and balance take a toll, we loose a loved-one, we become embroiled in anger or conflict, our ability to communicate well becomes hampered, and stress, anxiety, depression, or even panic sets it. All of these aspects of what triggers and affects our lives are normal, and are impediments to living well and living happy.

Counselling and Coaching are roads to wellness and transformation, yours and theirs. But we are a collective of people who are ego-driven, and often think everything is fine, we don’t need help, or I’m too proud to get or ask for help. Not so. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Every athlete has a Coach, every employee has a Boss. Coaching and Counselling are supports you are lucky to have, if you make the ask.

Quick story…the dishwasher breaks and the sink is full of last night’s and this mornings’ dishes. You could wash them, but who has time for that? You don’t need the headache of having to wash dishes. It’s easier to make a call to the repair guy. He’ll arrive quickly, within a day or two, identify the problem, suggest a solution or two, either fix it or tell you how to fix it, give you the bill, and presto. The bill, by the way, will be a minimum of $150 or so, just for the call no less, not the parts of having to come back for installation, and you, will happily pay. It could all be done in under an hour too. This is peace of mind; just get it fixed.

Isn’t your emotional wellness just as important, if not more, than fixing the broken dishwasher? Obviously it is. So why do we put our health and well-being on the back burner when it could be easier than we think to find a remedy or a solution to the problems.

Fear. Dealing with the emotional is emotionally scary and painful. It’s much easier to ignore, deny, and keep living in your emotional mess because at this point, its not only what you know, but it’s comfortable. Right or wrong, good or bad, it’s working. But is it really? Living there, amongst the pain, upset, and disarray, may be working, but you’re not happy. This isn’t living, or living on your terms, happily. Like the dishes, they’ll continue to pile up, collect dust and more yuck, and that pile in sink will only continue to grow…unless you do something. That big pile of dishes is now so large you need help. Lots of help. Take control of your life and your circumstances; you may not be where you want to be right now, but the prospect of better and happier is surely better than staying where you are, in unhappiness, stress and turmoil.

You are in control of taking control of your life, and your wellness.

I’m here to help.